Specialist Insurance

What We Offer

PROFIDA® is our flagship software solution aimed at all sectors of the Financial Services and Insurance Industry.

It caters for different requirements of any type or size of financial services firms with four different editions:

For you as an insurer, underwriter, broker or adviser this means specialised functionality and support to achieve high-sophisticated practice management and high-level client service.

For our clients with bigger and different operating interests this means achieving efficiency with high-volume business, cross selling opportunities and a holistic managerial overview of all business units.

PROFIDA® offers ubiquitous access to your data via an ordinary browser interface from wherever you are. You can use your desktop computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. We support Windows, Apple Mac and Linux.

It is the first software platform which is used in both, the life and non-life sector. Thus - making PROFIDA® the ideal software suite for any firm marketing composite financial services products.

PROFIDA® is either employed out of the box or enriched with customisations to manage all types of business models and financial services products, including specialist or niche insurance. The application itself and all customisations are developed in 100 % Java.

Find out more about PROFIDA®'s functionality, benefits and how they grow your business at Software Solutions.